Member Testimonials: Value of WCI Membership

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Value of WCI Membership       


WCI proudly serves our diverse coalition of members, and it turns out our members are pretty proud of their affiliation with WCI.  


Hear from our members how being involved in WCI has impacted them.  


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“Campbell Transportation Company is a WCI founding member.  We started WCI with a vision to create an organization to focus on funding and maintaining our inland waterways system.  We did this by uniting, under the WCI umbrella, many of the beneficiaries of our waterways.  


WCI remains focused and succeeds in achieving consistent increases in funding for Corps construction and operations and maintenance, as well as significant achievements in authorizing legislation. Add to that rapid response to operational issues and it’s easy to see WCI produces results that we all benefit from.  Without WCI, we would not have achieved these results.”  


- Peter Stephaich

Chairman, Campbell Transportation Company

Peter Stephaich (right) presents Sen. Bob Casey (PA) WCI's 2014 Leadership Service Award


"Canal Barge Company participated in the founding and ongoing development of WCI because of our belief in the need to modernize the inland waterways system. We, like others, were seeking a more focused effort to reverse the decades long trend of federal government under-investment in nationally significant waterways infrastructure.


WCI has become an extremely credible, nimble and effective organization with a deeply knowledgeable and dedicated staff that has delivered positive outcomes for its members and the nation.  WCI’s members receive exceptional benefits by virtue of increased investment in and ongoing maintenance of the inland waterways system that ensures safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation."


- Merritt Lane, Canal Barge Company






"Kirby and its customers depend on efficient and reliable inland waterways.  Waterways Council is laser-focused on this objective and has consistently delivered meaningful results.  As an organization, it punches above its weight by engaging a diverse group of stakeholders who share this common goal."


- Matt Woodruff, Kirby Corporation





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