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578 million tons valued at $220 billion were shipped on the fuel-taxed portion of our inland waterways system in 2017.  Much of that tonnage travels through some of the 219 locks at 176 sites on the inland waterways system.


The average age of these locks is over 60 years, and 59% of the locks are over 50-year-old design life.  70% of America's locks have exceeded their intended design life.


$16 in annual net economic benefits to the nation are generated by the Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Mission for every $1 expended.

(Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

NESP Shortfall is Opportunity For Administration To Act

January 22, 2021   The Waterways Journal

   Editorial January 22, 2021   NESP Shortfall Is Opportunity For Administration To Act   On January 19, the Corps of Engineers released its FY21 Work Plan for allocating funds provided in the FY21 Energy & Water Development appropriations bill that was part of the FY21 omnibus…

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Controlling what you can - and winning in a time of crisis

January 15, 2021   The Waterways Journal

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WRDA Winds its Way to Passage

January 12, 2021   MarineLink

In early October, Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI) reported in its newsletter Capitol Currents that the future of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2020 hung in the balance, with many unknowns for its chances of being signed into law during the Lame Duck session of Congress that just…

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Inland waterways officials praise funding measure

January 6, 2021   The Paducah Sun

  Inland waterways officials praise funding measure January 6, 2021   By DAVID ZOELLER DZOELLER@PADUCAHSUN.COM Inland waterways advocates are hailing the “historic” passage of the bill which funds the system’s operations, included in the 2021 omnibus appropriations and COVID-19…

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Kentucky Lock Cofferdam Nears Completion

December 31, 2020   The Waterways Journal

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Stars Align for WRDA

December 23, 2020   Waterways Journal

WJ EDITORIAL Stars Align For WRDA DECEMBER 23, 2020    BY WATERWAYS JOURNAL   At the end of an eventful and disruptive year, Jupiter and Saturn aligned for their first conjunction observable from Earth in 800 years, forming a “Christmas star.” In Washington, D.C., too, the…

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NGFA applauds approved US spending bill

December 23, 2020

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