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In 2022, about 480 million tons of waterborne cargo transited America's inland waterways, a volume equal to roughly 14% of all intercity freight.  These products, valued at over $186 billion, were shipped on the portions of our inland waterways system that generate revenue for capital improvements by a fuel user fee on commercial vessels.  


Much of that tonnage travels through some of the 219 locks at 176 sites on the inland waterways system.


But the lock and dam infrastructure keeping the system moving is aging - 80% of America's locks have exceeded their engineered design life.



$16 in annual net economic benefits to the nation are generated by the Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Mission for every $1 expended.

(Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Maintenance dredging at Markland Locks in full swing

June 17, 2024   Dredging Today

Maintenance work is moving forward at Markland Locks and Dam in Warsaw, Ky, USACE said in its latest project update. photo courtesy of USACE Last week, USACE dredging team was onsite dredging inside the 600’ lock chamber, near the upstream land approach wall, and in the harbor area near the project…

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Feature Article: Update on Container Shipping: Current Issues, Shipper Perspectives, and Looming Challenges

June 13, 2024   Grain Transportation Report, Agriculture Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Containerized agricultural shippers continue to face many transportation challenges, including unpredictable vessel schedules, cargo theft, continued vessel diversions from the Red Sea region, and congestion at overseas ports. This article summarizes recent events leading to ocean container shipping’s…

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Communication Key During Low Water Seasons

June 7, 2024   The Waterways Journal

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Barge Data Reflects State of U.S. Economy

June 7, 2024   The Waterways Journal

Attendees at the recently concluded Inland Marine Expo were treated to an informative and fast-paced look at the U.S. economy through the lens of statistics important to barge operators. In a wide-ranging presentation, Ken Eriksen and Susan Olson explored the “troubled waters” facing the…

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Feeding the World, One Barge at a Time

May 31, 2024   The Waterways Journal

The United States is a resource-rich country feeding and fueling its people and others around the globe. Farmers across the vast production areas of the U.S. grow an abundance of crops that are used as feed, food and fuel across the U.S. As a surplus producer, the United States also sends grains and…

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WRDA advances through Senate committee

May 29, 2024   Agri-Pulse

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has passed a bill to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act.   Committee Chairman Tom Carper, D-Del., said the bill directs the Army Corps of Engineers “to construct critical water infrastructure projects and continue vital flood…

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WCI Haitls 'Big Win' for Waterways in Corps' 2024 Work Plan

May 28, 2024   THe Waterways Journal

Waterways advocates are celebrating the release of the Corps of Engineers’ 2024 Work Plan, which provides record-level funding of $456 million for waterways construction projects. “Waterways Council Inc. is ecstatic at the outcome,” said Tracy Zea, president and CEO of WCI. The Corps…

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Wendel named acting president at Port NOLA

May 27, 2024   Workboat

Changing of the guard at Port NOLA. Port NOLA photo The Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) formally confirmed Ronald J. Wendel Jr., who is currently serving as Port NOLA’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, to become the acting president and CEO…

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