Social Media Toolkit

 Telling the story of river transportation, barges and towboats, locks and's not something most people think about.  We get it.


But social media provides an outlet to get our messages out to the public - and to elected officials.  Copy/paste any of the messages below to tell your story on social media - and include @WaterwaysCouncl so we can share on our feeds too.  Feel free to create your own, too.  Help spread the word that #RiversMoveAmerica!



   Download this Image   The people working on our inland marine system are helping to keep the products we need moving everyday, 24/7/365, even amid COVID-19.  Thank you!!   #RiversMoveAmerica

Photo credit: Brian Krause, captain/master of the Dredge Goetz.




Thank you to the deckhands, pilots, captains, cooks, engineers and everyone on the boats and in the offices who keep towboats moving America's products 24/7/365 even amid COVID-19.  #RiversMoveAmerica


 Download this image Working with @WaterwaysCouncl to improve America's river transportation infrastructure because #RiversMoveAmerica #IAmWaterwaysCouncil #WCISymposium2020



  Download this image   Amazing that we're moving almost half a billion tons of commodities each year on our rivers and relying on antiquated lock and dam infrastructure.  Rebuild our locks and dams because #RiversMoveAmerica!  Get involved - text LOCKS to 52886


    Download this image Did you flip that wall switch this morning and expect the lights to go on?  Then you're impacted by barge transportation!  #RiversMoveAmerica including our energy resources to keep the lights on. More info? Text LOCKS to 52886


  Download this imag e  America's agriculture advantage comes from our inland river transportation system - barges and towboats moving America's harvest and vital inputs that farmers need to keep competitive in a global market.  Our 80-year-old lock and dam infrastructure needs to be fixed becuase #RiversMoveAmerica


   download this image  Barges move America's agriculture bounty 24/7/365 across the country through our inland waterway system - and an antiquated lock and dam infrastructure.  Get involved - text LOCKS to 52886