Key Issues

Support biennial Water Resources Development Acts (WRDA)

Supporting biennial Water Resources Development Acts (WRDA), legislation authorizing Corps of Engineers’ work on locks and dams, dredging and other Civil Works water projects critical to the Nation.   Maintaining water resources bills on an every two-year cycle is important to the continuation…

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Fourth “R”: Support Higher Funding Levels for River Infrastructure

The fourth “R” for Rivers, and its aging infrastructure, have to be a priority, as much as roads, railways and runways.   Our rivers and waterways allow the Nation’s critical commodities – grain, coal, agricultural inputs, steel, minerals, petroleum products, chemicals,…

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Improve System Reliability through Infrastructure Maintenance

While funding in constant dollars for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) on America’s inland navigation system had remained flat for decades, Congress has begun to address the shortfall in the last five appropriations bills, with increases in FY ’14 – ’19 and record…

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